Scanning Film and Slides with Epson Perfection V600 Photo

At the January meeting, a member demonstrated her Epson Perfection V600 Photo using film negatives. The V600 does photos and documents but its magic is it comes with trays for slides and film. She talked about her choices for settings, file naming, and organization.

  • The Epson Perfection V600 comes with film and slide trays.
  • The tray tabs (A, B, C) match spots on the scanner so the tray sits precisely.

  • The document type choices are photo, color positive, color negative (current setting), B&W negative, illustration, magazine, newspaper, and text/line art.
  • As I want to reprint as 4×6 photos, I set the resolution to 600px. If I want an 8×10, I would experiment with a higher resolution.
  • If I’m doing magazine or newspaper, which uses dots, I’d “descreen.”
  • The color restoration is effective for photos that need it.

  • File Save Settings gives you location choice.
  • I’ve chosen the prefix NegYYYY_. The start number accumulates and indicates I’ve done 127 scans for 1985. The next scan will be named Neg1985_128.jpg.


  • The software recognizes each photo. Previewing offers:
    • Unchecking any unwanted photos.
    • Negative film is 4.5×6 allowing a 0.5 adjustment.

  • When all files go in a NegYYYY folder.

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