Letters to Santa

After sharing our traditional Christmas supper, members of the Prince Albert Branch of the Saskatchewan Genealogical society shared their “Letters to Santa.”  The top item was time.  Time to:

  • trace new questions from military medals
  • demolish a brick wall for Irish ancestor who joined the British army at age 21
  • create a multi-generational wall chart
  • genealogy and a kick-in-the-butt.

Time also played big in the next item on our list to Santa, a time machine to talk to ancestors. The final common item was money for DNA kits and online subscriptions.

The laugh of the evening was someone who asked Santa that she not be related to Donald Trump.

One member made time to write this thoughtful and amusing letter to Santa and generously gave permission to share it.


Dear Santa;

My Genealogical Society has asked me to write a letter to you, asking for something relevant for you to give me for my Christmas gift this year.  I think that I have been a good person and that I am deserving of a gift from you.  I have been attentive to the needs of my family members and to the needs of other people who have reached out to me, plus, I have made small cash donations to many of the charities that contact me for their various causes. 

After giving it some thought, I am asking for a calendar with 365 free days.  I will use some of those days for my own personal needs and for home and yard maintenance.  I will also use some for special family events.  There are always birthdays to celebrate and there may even be a new baby next year that I will have to knit a new Christmas stocking for.  There are young children in school who invite me to various things that they are involved in, like concerts and end of year celebrations.  Then there are all of the special holidays throughout the year that we usually manage to get the whole family together for.

That should still leave enough free days to spend on my genealogy projects.  I had intended to do a multi generation pedigree wall chart some time ago, but never got beyond my own name.  It would be nice to finish that.  I would also like to do more work on my Legacy Family Tree program.  I succeeded in transferring my family tree to Legacy from Ancestry.com a long time ago, but there is so much more that one can do.  And beyond that, I have for a long time wanted to write some kind of history, focusing on my life from birth, but going beyond that to include as much as I can about the people that I descended from.  I had originally thought that I would have had that done by 2017, in time for Canada’s 150th anniversary.

And one more thought; I would like to record living family in genealogy format.  I have a brother and sister with children and grandchildren.  I would have to consult them directly to get the information and I am hoping that there will be someone among them who will be prepared to take over my records when I pass on.  I might need more than a year to do all of that.  But I would really appreciate it, Santa, if you could put a calendar with 365 free days under my Christmas tree on December 25th.

Sincerely,  Carol

What items would your list to Santa have?  Whether Santa delivers or not, we can all use this wish list to set goals and priorities for genealogical success in 2017.


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